The Best Trading Sites Online and Strategies is a website that provides information on all aspects of trading online options. Using online trading platforms has rapidly become one of the most interesting ways to trade, and it can be done by almost anyone. One of the main advantages of using these trading platforms is that it can occur anywhere, wherever, as long as the trader has a reliable internet connection and appropriate phone.

The team understands that traders will find it very difficult to navigate, both seasoned and total beginners, which is why we made this website.

Over the years, the binary options industry has changed a lot–and the term binary options itself is now obsolete. There has been a lot of fraud going on in the industry and we have taken the result at and cut significantly in the channels we are supporting. In fact, we want you to be so careful that our broker list has been reduced to 2: IQ Option and Nadex. These are just platforms that we believe you should use as an online trader. We are currently working on improving all of our content – there may still be texts that support other brokers, but you will not find any advertising ties or anything else that will bind us to financially benefit from other sites other than IQ Option and Nadex.

The Guide to Brokers for Good Binary Options

Regulated Brokers is a Better Choice: Yes or No?

Most traders wonder what is the biggest difference between regulated and non-regulated brokers. Well, to put it simply, regulated binary brokers have licenses that allow them to offer their business services legally and operate in the regulated environment. Before they even get a permit, they have to fulfill those requirements, and to retain it, they have to comply with a whole set of administrative laws. Some of the financial regulators are CySec in Cyprus, UK FCA, France AMF, and Germany’s BaFin.

Regulated brokers are generally considered more trustworthy than unregulated brokers as they have to follow multiple protocols and have a higher level of protection for their clients. Unregulated brokers can do whatever they want, which means that when dealing with them, traders accept even higher risk. Not only can this be less lucrative, but it can also be risky, particularly for beginners who do not understand what a scam is.

List of the Binary Options Scams

In the sector, scams of binary options are common phenomena. As always, some scams appear when something becomes increasingly popular. Binary options scam brokers are very dangerous because they can take away your money without even putting a company. They make false promises, avoid straight answers, and often force more and more of the trader to deposit.

Here are some of the signs a broker could be a scam:

  • Cold phone calls 
  • No clearly defined terms and conditions
  • There are no clear terms of withdrawal
  • Bonuses not allowed
  • Forcing the trader to make more deposits than he likes
  • Trading illegally

Even, actually disappearing with the money of traders is not uncommon for scam binary brokers. Since they are generally not regulated, where the money went, it is impossible to trade. We also use various tactics to hide their tracks and often show up with a different name, but with the same approach to scam. For this reason, we always advise traders to be careful and trade only with solid brokers that own a license. In the long term, this will help them even though they may not make seductive claims of a 100 percent win ratio and incredibly high payouts.

At this point, only recommends that traders use either Nadex or IQ Option. Write much hereafter.

Brokers of Binary Options in the USA

When it comes to U.S. binary options trading, traders need to know it’s a little different from the rest of the world. The only way that U.S. citizens can legally trade binary options is through CFTC-regulated binary options exchanges. One of the best (or better to say, exchange) US financial brokers is NADEX.

NADEX is an interesting exchange of binary options that is popular among U.S. binary trades but also accepts non-us customers. Once traders decide to make a deposit, they can simply open a free NADEX trial that is totally independent of the actual trading account and use it as long as they want. Opening the actual trading account is not a prerequisite of receiving a free NADEX demo as many other binary brokers do. Also, even when they start trading with real money, traders can easily return to their demo as it has no expiry date. They can retrieve their password or simply open a new NADEX demo account if they forget the login information. Read the complete review of NADEX.

What Makes a Broker for Good Binary Options?

Apart from being limited, successful binary options brokers also have numerous benefits that traders can use to progress in their binary trading career. For example, good binary brokers, as well as deposit-free demo trading account, have fair investment and deposit limits.

Also, solid binary brokers have an educational section that gives the trader plenty of trading information and professional customer support.

It can be difficult to find a good broker, but it is not impossible, particularly if the trader puts some effort into it.

IQ Option Review

IQ option claims to be one of the binary options broker’s best and most popular choices. We promise to deliver the best trading experience on their website and claim to have received numerous awards. We also say they’re the broker that you can trust.

But before you think of all the marketing materials, it’s important to understand how this broker is trading.

Minimum deposit sum choice of IQ

IQ is a limited broker making a minimum deposit of just $10. It makes it very user-friendly because the minimum deposit size is $250.

Demo Account IQ choice Revealed

You can also obtain a free demo account in combination with these low requirements. Most other brokers are only showing their regular trading accounts to customers, which means you need to get a fully funded account to access the demo.

In the method, you will deposit a minimum deposit amount equal to the minimum deposit limit of the broker, which is only $10 for the IQ Option. Other brokers only require a demo account when the trader makes appropriate deposits to open some kind of premium or VIP account. That’s one of the reasons we don’t trust brokers like this.

A demo account functions just like a regular trading account, but instead of real money, you can invest in playing cash. You will test your trading skills and develop strategies in this risk-free environment without having to worry about losing money or splitting. The cash is digital on the demo account, and so are the expenses, but also the gain, sadly. A good demo, however, can help you manage your money better. First of all, using the demo is a lot of fun–and maybe on the other side, you’re going to come out more educated, safe and bold.

What are Signals of Binary Options?

The function of the Signals of binary options is to advise on how to trade. Each binary signal has a number of key elements: 

  • Time to expire. 
  • Property. 
  • Asset. 
  • Direction

It can also include details about the binary broker and investment number, depending on the provider of binary options signals. Binary signals can be interpreted as a note with all the most important information that can influence the decision of the trader to take action and sell.

Signals for Binary Options–Past and Future

In the past, binary trading signals were produced mostly by market experts or individuals who claimed to be highly educated in this field. Naturally, not all of the so-called experts were really market specialists, which meant high traders risk. Whether or not somebody really knows the business was sometimes impossible to prove.

Often, there were very expensive binary trading signals. For a month of binary signals, the price would go as high as $100. It was just a service that beginners couldn’t afford. It’s crucial to understand how signals and trades are distributed on two different platforms, so the trader had to log in with the binary broker after receiving a signal and then copy the information and eventually position the trading.

Today, signals are primarily based on binary algorithms that search the market for a transaction. This means a reduction in the risk of human error. In fact, costs are now much lower and most suppliers of binary signals are totally free. The brokers cooperate with modern binary options signals providers and allow traders to position trades with the broker immediately on the binary signals network. It takes binary trading to a new level!

Strategies is a website focusing primarily on strategies for trading. Binary trading strategies are important in helping traders to better understand the trading process. That’s why we’ve prepared an entire section dedicated to strategies alone. This is where traders can increase their expertise and find useful data as well.

It is very important to understand that not all strategies are produced equal when it comes to trading strategies. Some are better for trading in currencies, others are better for stocks. For beginners, there are binary trade strategies and advanced traders with vast knowledge and experience strategies. There are, of course, more complicated strategies and strategies that are simpler and easier to use.

Strategic Trade Importance.

Traders must carefully select and apply their trading strategy for their business plan. The trading plan can be a document or your personal strategy on how and within what timeframes certain trading movements will be executed. The trading plan must also be practical and applicable for daily trading. This will also help you to better control all the emotions that may appear during the process of trading.

Yet their work does not stop there. Regardless of whether you are using binary trading software, binary signals provider or regulated binary options broker, your trading plan should be reviewed regularly. It must help you to change the format and strategies of your business? In the past, how did things go for you? Is there any room for improvement? You can only discover some new opportunities you may not have seen before by revising your trading strategies and trading movements.

You can only handle the opportunities for risk and trade by having a solid and realistic plan. Also, without using it, the plan doesn’t mean anything. Don’t rely on luck because that’s what gamblers are doing, and that can be like a death sentence to your career in binary trading. Be concentrated, plan and avoid scams as well as being mindful of human greed and all it brings to traders like you. Sadly, it only produces bad trading results in most cases, which can cause a lot of pressure and harm.

Beginner Options Trading–The Ultimate Guide

This is an outdated section. Only for historical/explicative purposes has the text below been preserved. All links outgoing were removed.

Many people who don’t have any previous financial trading experience believe that binary options are just a guess, something like a bet. Nonetheless, it is important to understand that trading binary options is not gambling, although it has a more user-friendly approach, and should not be treated as such. Binary trading requires a student approach and a secure broker of binary options, as well as continuous training and personal development.

This part of the article will address some of the key questions: 

  • What are binary options?
  • What are the forms of binary options?
  • Expiry Times Binary Options–Essential Trading Components
  • How do you choose a respectable broker?
  • What is the free demo’s significance?

What are Binary Options?

Binary options are a particular type of trading online. The investor never really has to purchase the underlying asset but positions the transaction on the basis of the predicted course of the underlying asset’s price movement. This makes them more accessible to people who have no large funds or great knowledge of trading at their disposal.

Binary options democratized the financial trading world and made it available to all those with an internet connection. Also, binary options are quicker than traditional forms of trading, making them more exciting. The deposit amount that in traditional forms of trading exceeds thousands and thousands of dollars is usually about $250 with binary options brokers. Even some brokers like the IQ option offer trading starting with a deposit of $10.

What are the forms of Binary Options?

Most investors are shocked when they learn that they can deal with several types of binary options. Learning each of the most popular types will help you build a better business plan.

Here are some of the styles of binary options:

  • High / low–the most common and popular type of binary options, also known as put/call or up / down options. They are the simplest type to trade because in the expiry time offered you only have to decide on the price movement.
  • Turbo options–also known as selling for 60 seconds. They can also be exchanged in shorter periods of expiry, but the most common is 60 seconds.
  • One-click–binary options where the expected value can be reached at any point until the expiry time is up for gain. For example, if the trader places one touch trade with 1 hour expiry time and the price is reached in the 59th minute, the trade is profitable. There are no choices for hitting the opposite.
  • Boundary binary options–where the trader expects that in a certain time frame the value will switch between specified rates.
  • Ladders–if in a certain time frame, the trader expects many stages of price movement.
  • Long-term–trading longer periods of expiry.
  • Pairs–dealing in linked pairs of capital. For example, traders forecast the relative performance of the two stocks.

Because competition among binary options brokers is very harsh, it is not surprising that many brokers create and offer additional types of binary options to make trading even more dynamic and interesting. This means traders have a great selection of trades, particularly given that they are often the ones that mix resources, expiry times and types of binary options.

Expiry Times Binary Options–Essential Trading Components

The time of expiry is an important element of all types of binary options. In order to simplify it, we might claim it’s a trade length. After the trader makes a prediction of the underlying asset’s price movement, there is a certain timeline in which the adjustment has to take place. The trader will either win or lose the trade depending on the price at the time of expiry.

One of the main reasons expiry times in binary options trading are so important is that they often determine binary trading strategy, or at least influence it.

How do you Choose a Respectable Broker?

Trading binary options is impossible without a broker with binary options. It’s only logical for beginners to get lost or at least slightly confused with so many brokers around. New brokers are popping up every day, but when selecting their broker wise traders take their time to make a good and reasonable decision.

Although there is no universally great broker to satisfy every trader, there are still some features that distinguish between good brokers and bad brokers.

Conditions and Terms

When making a deposit, please read the terms and conditions. Sure, we’re bombarded everywhere with T&C papers, but if you want to exchange binary options, make sure you’re reading it. This is a contract that specifies both you and the broker’s partnership, rights, and obligations. Don’t think about it.

Status regulated

Look for a broker with all the licenses and controlled status required. Don’t just trust their word, make sure the data they send you is verified. Dealing binary options involves risk, but make sure the risk is even higher when dealing with unregulated brokers who can add incentives and adjust their T&C as they like, leaving you vulnerable.

The Platform is Reliable 

Imagine a system that freezes whenever you need to position a deal, or you don’t even know where to start. Trading of binary options should take place on faultlessly operating technically reliable platforms. Look for a platform that gives you a good overview and has multiple tools that you can use to implement your daily trading strategies for binary options.

Better brokers also deliver secure mobile apps that have been developed with modern traders in mind that can be used anytime and anywhere. All they need to do is log in and they can trade anywhere they want!

Account of the demo

All traders should focus on finding a broker with a good demo account, but especially beginners. Advanced traders can use this account to improve their strategies and test them before using them on a real account, and beginners can fully discover the world of trading binary options. This means they get a chance to trade first with virtual money, which will help them understand the whole process of binary trading.

Why is it relevant for the free binary trading demo?

Trading with virtual money, of course, means that all benefit is digital, but also all risk. It is still, however, the best educational resource that a binary broker can provide to its clients. Not all demo accounts are the same, of course, so we strongly recommend that traders look for free demo accounts where they can test the binary broker before making a deposit.

Most brokers only provide a demo account to traders after making a deposit, but if they look carefully they will be able to find full-free demo accounts with binary options. NADEX (for U.S. binary trading) and the IQ option offer such accounts. By allowing you to sign up as a stand-alone account for their demo without having to obtain a regular trading account, these brokers allow you to get a fully functioning, high-quality demo without having to risk money.

The free trade demo allows traders to test risk-free platforms, which can be critical. If the prototype has an indefinite expiry date, it also gives the trader the chance to come back anytime he wants and check his trading in a real fact-based virtual environment.